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Jimmy Reid at UCS meeting 1971

Issue 3: Introducing the articles

For your convenience, we have arranged them in what could be described as a ‘reading agenda’: attempting to join the dots of our common consciousness, we have tried to tease out their connections and suggest stepping-stones that will lead you right the way through to the end of this issue. However, if something particular grabs […]

We Are Not Rats, We Are THE PUBLIC

Nick Dowson – Bad Public-ity

‘What is the similarity between public opinion and a public house?’ ‘They’re both full of drunk and disorderly characters who won’t remember anything in the morning.’ Whilst this is only a bad joke, a confusion of competing understandings of what we mean by public has serious ramifications which mask the real role and activities of […]

history image

Amabel Crowe – Rewriting History

How and what we learn about our past determines attitudes, actions and ideology in the present. History can be at its most divisive when dealing with territorial conflict; all over the world there are disputes over specific tracts of land and enduring violence after painful partitions. In such situations, recourse to the history of the […]

Call for submissions

We Are Not Rats is a quarterly publication providing a space for debate and critique to confront inequality, challenge conformity and create a world fit for humans, not rats. We are a collective who publish articles relevant to social change in Scotland and the North and we are looking for submissions. The theme of our […]