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The theme for our next issue is referenda: with one, maybe two, coming up – one on Scottish independence this Autumn, and a possible referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU in 2017 – what does this mean for the left? In the case of a yes vote – or, less discussed, a no vote – in the Scottish referendum, what should the next steps be for all those struggling for a more equal and democratic society? This is an urgent question not just for those in Scotland, but also for those in the rest of the UK – the potential rump state of the not-so-United Kingdom. Does Scottish independence open any possibilities for those in the North struggling against many of the same inequalities? And with the rise of the UKIP, the ‘new’ far right, as well as the European Union’s role in imposing austerity in Greece and elsewhere, can a referendum on membership be used by the left to shift the debate? How do we stop anti-EU rhetoric becoming a smokescreen for cutting back on human rights legislation? Can the EU be made into a force for social justice rather than a mechanism for marketisation? And should we be in the EU anyway?

The deadline for submissions for the next issue is Friday 18th July, please head to our website for our mission statement and editorial guidelines, and drop as an email if you have any questions. 

If you would like to write for us, please check out our editorial guidelines. Questions, queries and submissions? Contact us.

We are also looking for new illustrators, web-designers, editors and distributors. If you have exciting ideas or skills and would like to be part of this, get in touch.

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