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Radical Student Unions

By James McAsh Introduction This is a radical perspective of students’ unions  and what they could be. This is not a radical perspective of precisely what student’s unions should be, because I could not possibly make that argument. At their heart students’ unions are democratic bodies, and that democratic core is what makes them so […]

Why History Matters: an academic trade unionist’s contribution to the von Prondzynski debate

By Terry Brotherstone A new radical journal launched by St Andrews students, alluding in its intriguing title to a left-wing – and Scottish – political past, is very welcome. The university, Scotland’s oldest, is sometimes seen as a slightly remote peninsula only accidentally connected to the mainland of the Scottish body politic. And, politically, not […]

An interview with Andrew McGettigan

Andrew McGettigan is a freelance writer and researcher on philosophy, the arts and education. He also sits on the advisory board of the Intergenerational Foundation, for which he produced the report False Accounting? Why Higher Education Reforms Don’t Add Up. Mr McGettigan has written and spoken extensively against the privatisation and marketization of England’s Higher […]

A New Democratic Intellect

By Cailean Gallacher If the question for the student left is the radical renewal of further and higher education in Scotland, and what practical activity might bring this about, we could do worse than to look to the traditional educational ideology in Scotland. Start exploring Scottish educational or historical writing and you’ll soon find the […]

Governing the Governors: how to get the university governing bodies we want

By William Mohieddeen Let’s straighten one thing out – universities are absolutely marvellous things.  They are democratic institutes of higher learning. They offer a safe and engaging environment where we can further our understanding and challenge existing knowledge of the world in which we live;  where schoolchildren progress to become independent learners; where those from […]