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Recipe for a Maple Spring

By Francis Antoine Ingredients: 1 75% increase in tuition fees. 1 student’s general strike. 1 stubborn Prime Minister. Police repression. Facebook. Pans. Cooking time: Approximately 200 days. Preparation Start by making placards with slogans against the rising tuition fees, at this stage you should use all of your creativity. Gather students together in a public […]

An interview with Alan Bissett

WANR: How can literature bring about social or political change? AB: It wakes us up.  Literature uncovers aspects of society or peoples that aren’t necessarily being shown – certainly not in any depth – by the mainstream media.  We’re becoming increasingly part of a fragmented, shallow, soundbite culture, and media treatment of political topics is […]

Letter from the editors

This, the second issue of We Are Not Rats, is themed ‘Method: investigating change from the ideological to the institutional’.  Following directly from our original motivations for founding We Are Not Rats (which you can find here), this issue looks at the nature of ‘protest movements’ in general, as well as the lessons we could […]

Tips For the Campaign

By Isobel Lindsay Radical political action tends to develop in waves.  The content and experience is never identical but there are often similar patterns of development, and similar problems.  It can be useful to look back as well as outwards to other contemporary examples. I was always a likely candidate for any anti-nuclear movement.  My […]

How to Start a Revolution: A Review

By Patrick Olden Gene Sharp, the subject of documentary How to Start a Revolution is the ‘world’s leading expert on nonviolent revolution’.  Now an aging man living in a run-down Boston suburb, he is the author of the handbook for overthrowing governments: ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy (FDTD); A Conceptual Framework for Liberation’.  The book has […]