Submission Guidelines

We believe in free speech. Although it is an often undeveloped concept.

Before you write for us, have you read our mission statement? If what you’ve got in mind fits, we’re up for a debate, and we’d love to hear from you – although lack of space means we can’t promise to publish everything we receive.

That said, we won’t provide a platform for justifying prejudice, discrimination, inequality or subservience to authority. Those views and values get far too much space elsewhere – we’d like to be part of the antidote.

Accessibility is a virtue. As is brevity.

We want as many people to read and digest this as possible – so please don’t make things harder than they need to be. Similarly, we’d rather you didn’t use three words where one would fit just nicely.

That said, the world is complicated and if you feel that to do your article or topic justice you need new concepts, more words, or more space, please feel free to do so. We set a word-limit to encourage in-depth pieces.

Your conclusions should flow from your arguments.

Logic is the only tool we have to assess what you’re trying to say – so use it. We’re happy to publish things we don’t agree with, but we can’t publish everything, so please try to justify the points you are making.

It’s all a conspiracy! Maybe, but can you provide references?

It has been said that: “The earth is not dying. It is being killed, and the people killing it have names and addresses.”(Utah Phillips). Why not provide those addresses in a few references – preferably as endnotes. We encourage using endnotes for key facts and statistics from sources we can believe. Providing links for readers is also a good idea; check out previous articles if you’re wandering about what sort of format we’re after.


We appreciate you taking the time to write for us and will try and provide some kind of feedback if we need to make major changes to your submission, or if we do not publish it. Thanks!

Further Guidelines For Submissions

As you may have noticed we’re providing pictures for each article, so if you have any idea on how you would like to illustrate your words please attach a picture (and save us a job!). Please make sure images are high quality and large enough to fit the space, and are licensed under the Creative Commons or you have the right to use them.

Please submit all documents in a commonly readable word file such as .doc or .odt

Get in touch if you have any other questions!

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